2. Dress Form Necklines!

Clone Yourself A Dress Form Double Your Dress Form should come with a neck (since you have one too)!

Think about all the problems you’ve struggled with when fitting collars…..

Whether it’s the sewing patterns fault or whether you are working with a sewing pattern that’s needing an alteration because of your specific body’s needs;  It’s not fun !

Now, couple that with a custom dress form without a neck that comes out of the shoulders.   Where do you go with that?   Things definitely get even more frustrating.

Some have even spent a big $$ investment in a custom dress form and still don’t have a neck on their dress form to fit a simple collar around it.

Taping a neckline to a dress form really takes a matter of 5 extra minutes to do.  The benefits of having this feature on your dress form are enormous.  Learning how to add this feature to a dress form that you already are using will aide your pattern fitting so much!

If you would like more information about “How to make a Dress Form Double” then click the link below for more information


Custom Dress Form

1. Custom Duct Tape Dress Form Now!


Duct Tape Double Dress Form

Dress Form Double Workshops

Prepare for your new custom dress form now!

It’s time!  …….. to buy discounted turtlenecks for

making your new custom dress form out of duct tape.

Mossimo® Womens Tissue Turtleneck Top - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window
You ARE making one this year right??

Yes, that means you can’t have any ordinary sloppy t-shirt or turtleneck!  Sloppy, ill-fitted turtlenecks produce inaccurate dress forms once they are taped over.  You might say they give this method a bad rap (pardon the pun)!  So, you don’t want to add to your body, Right??  Well, you could raid your closet and dig out an old turtleneck but let’s get this right.  It needs to be skin tight.

Here’s what to look for in a Custom Dress Form Turtleneck

  1. It needs to be SNUUUG…..meaning skin tight.  Many of you don’t have turtlenecks in your closet like that I’m sure.   If you don’t either take in one that is loose or get one of these at Target.
  2. Your turtleneck needs to have a neckband on it and not a mock turtleneck.
  3. When you buy your turtleneck at Target or wherever you find one discounted; try to get one 1 or 2 (depending on the stretch in it) sizes smaller than you normally wear.
  4. Make sure the turtleneck is cotton based.  Duct Tape adheres to the cotton and maintains it’s shape to cotton based turtlenecks.  Forget all those turtlenecks with slinky type fabrics because duct tape hates them.  That’s why I like this one  <<— (click here)
  5. Find one that is light in color.   It allows you to see the body better and if you are missing spots in your taping; the light color will show you where it needs more tape.

You can find more tips like this that are seen in the Clone Yourself A Dress Form Videos <<–Click Here


How to Make A Dress Form

Dress FormsThis class was phenomenal. I feel as though I’ve made a quantum leap in my quest for conquering fit issues, accomplishing more in the space of two days than I have over the course of the past two years.
Absolutely. Having an accurate dress form with the design lines will save countless hours of frustration and untold numbers of abandoned projects.    Wendy

 It was fantastic!  I loved every minute of it. It was even fun "getting to know myself" better!
Recommend: For anyone serious about having great fitting clothes, it is a must!  Once you see the possibilities, the excitement mounts!